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Note to Muns
On the date of 6/26/99 three people, Scott, Raekari and Goust, could no longer stand by watching the slow aggonizing death of the CoR forum. Each of them with their own reason... Love for the forum, and spite for the new council. So in a midnight meeting they decided to start the re-birth of the forum as NCoR, the New Council of Rhydin. This is much like CoR with the same mission and goal of excellence as Raventh-mun had planned when she started it. Now it has been left to me .. Firestorm along with my hand chosen friends to carry on the legacy of the CoR I may not have the same opinions as the rest but I plan to add my own style and flare to this already great forum. This new CoR will be great like it was and is meant to be.


Parts of the Charter

General Rules
Gold and Weapons
Story Line Coucil
Healing and the Other arts
Regestered Weapons and Shops
Forum News
Roster of NCoR
War Council Provisions
Story Line Council Provisions
Reigons of NCoR
Applications to NCoR

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