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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Shop Application *~

1. Screen Name:
2. Type of shop you wish to open:
3. Items you plan on producing and selling:
4. Abitlites and uses for the items you produce:
5. Your Guild:
6. Name of Shop:( remember NCoR must be in the name)
7.Where will the GP come from for the shop ( 2500 GP) :
8. Read the following quoted statement and answer whether you agree or disagree below:
    "I wish to open an NCoR shop. I will have the NCoR name within the shop name and agree to pay all start up cost and registration (production) fees . I will run an honest and honorable shop. I understand that my shop may be closed if I disobey the rules of producing or selling items and put my guild in a probation period within the NCoR."

Do you agree to the statement above?
<- ->Yes <- ->No
 Send this to: LordGoust, ScottEvl or Raekari

Parts of the Charter

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