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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Raekari's History *~

Born in Dalagony, he was born to a powerful family in the Dark Dragon Clan. During this time the Dark Dragons were fighting a civil war with there weaker counterparts, the Light Dragon Clan. The war went be quickly with the early destruction of the Light Dragons. All was going to plan as according to the Dragon Scrolls. The Dark Dragons were going to obtain the 12 Keys of the Goddessof War, Myria and resurrect her in order to gain immortality. That didn't happen. The last remaining member of the Light Dragon Clan, Cyrus Saphire, defeated the leader of the Dark Dragon Clan and unwittingly destroyed Dalagony with the Dark Dragon Clan's greatest achievement the Affinity Bomb. Raekari was only a child when these events had occurred and miraculously survived the war and was taken in by a Priest from a new Religion, Hammurabi, that worshiped a God known as Evans. Raekari, in his late teens had become a High Priest and the defender of Evans. When Raekari had discovered the true intentions of the Evan religion was the use of the prayers of the people to help grow a demon that would enslave the world and grant its creators omnipotence and immortality. Raekari found himself fighting against the one person who had always been his mentor, friend and father. In a heated battle the two fought to the death, Raekari was serious injured and his latent powers had awakened. He then transformed into a giant Dragon, to the surprise of Hammerbari who had not known of the boy's power and relation to the Dragon Clan, killed Hammerbari. Raekari then went on and destroyed the demon who controlled the followers of the Evans faith, who wasn't nearly at full capacity, and set the people free. He never told the rest of the believers of the creation of the demon and let them continue to pray and have faith in what had already had been taught to them, as he no longer cares to help those lost souls. He now goes back to Dalagony, which is now in ruins, and attempts to recreate the ancient city's legacy.
While rebuilding the city, a mysterious woman approaches him and offers Raekari her service. He declines and she tells him of a sword that could increase his strength and power. Raekari asked her where he could find such a sword and she smiled at him and told him to come with her. He agreed to go with her and the two went on a long journey, leaving the city the decay further. They finally reached a cave, shaped like a dragon. The women took of the cloaks she had been wearing and introduced herself as Myria, Goddess of War. Raekari shocked at hearing her words attacked her for being disrespectful, and was thoroughly beaten. Raekari accepted her as the Goddess of War and gave her his service. She smiled at him and kissed him.

"My Raekari."

She then gave him one of the Three Relics, the Dragon Sword. Pleased with his new weapon, he asked her about Dalagony, she said that while they had gone she had her servants rebuild the city and protect it from any foreign threats. Myria then told him to spend time with him in the Gardens of Eden until he power was controllable. He accepted and lived in the Gardens of Eden until he was strong enough to leave. But before he left Raekari was forced to take certain tests to ensure his strength. He passed without the help of his sword and was able to freely exit and enter the Gardens. The Gardens were closed off to all except those with one of the Three Relics.
One day while in the Gardens, Raekari came face to face with another person who weilded a Relic. Raekari fought him in order to test the stranger and his own power. Raekari had easily defeated the man and soon came to relieze that his destiny.

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