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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Goust's History *~

His father was a demon out of the Abyss who travelled to a world called Earth, in land called France, and impregnated a woman there. He grew up being taught the Old Religion by his grandmother, but when he got of age his father came for him. He was taken to the Abyss and was trained to fight, but instead of taking on the characteristics of his demonic ancetry, he instead became an angel. His father was angered because of this and beat him very badly and tore his wings off of him, throwing him out of the Abyss and being totally banished from the rest of his bloodline.
Goust spent a few years wandering the outter planes and there he learned magick and became formidable with it. During those years travelling the planes, he met a very old and interesting man, calling himself Chronos, who gave him a staff. He told him that it was of great power, and that he will use that staff one day to do something great. Using this magick he dared venture back into the lands of the mortals and found himself in a strange world called RhyDin. Once in RhyDin, he met two new teachers of his, Ryidia and Cable. Ryidia was a very old black dragon who taught him how to harness the power of the land, and Cable taught him how to be both a warrior and a leader in RhyDin. He and Cable started a guild, Cable was the Guild Commander and he was the SiC, and the guild was called the Askani. Cable eventually got sick though, and had to leave to the realms, leaving the guild under control of an old student of his. This old student proved crooked and the guild soon fell apart. In his days of the Askani, Goust made two of his best friends, Jade and Amber. Jade had to leave the realms soon before Cable did, but Amber has been here every since, Goust and Amber eventually becoming romantically involved.
He was now on his own again and soon made his next very good friend, Heiro, who introduced him to the world of the kindred and brought him into the guild the Fallen Angels of RhyDin, which he would grow in. His being introduced to the world of kindred led him to run into a lady named Bethh, who sired him and made him part of the kindred world. He has followed his new sire and is now part of a guild called the Red Blades and also belongs to the Kingdom of Atma.
Goust has very recently reformed the Askani, naming them Clan Chosen, Askani and will see them through to being not just a guild, but a real clan. His two officers are his kindred friend Heiro, and an old friend from the old Askani named Arissa who has been there with him as he made stabs at a couple of fledgling guilds, before finally restarting the Askani.
Along with restarting the Askani, he has now recently discovered the meaning and power of that staff given to him by the man Chronos. He found this by venturing into a garden, belonging to a man by the name Raekari, this event changing his life forever. After doing this, he found himself destined to be a great leader, and moved his Askani into a citadel, learning it to be the former home of the old Chronos...after its reappearance from being gone for several millenia. It reappearing from the use of a powerful energy channeling performed by Goust with the staff. Within the walls to the Citadel is a gate to the orbiting residence of the Askani, Asteroid C.

Parts of the Charter

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