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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* The Meeting of Goust and Raekari *~

As Goust made his way into the Gardens of Eden, observing the exotic species of plant life that grew there with great interest, out from the brush he saw a man standing under in the center of the field with various wildlife about him. He stopped in his tracks and peered through the brush, gripping his staff tightly. The figure that he saw was that of a man, one of a strong stature. As Goust watched him, the man noticed him there and unsheathed his sword, a sword that seemed to radiate with power. Goust immediately let the power flow through the staff and he discharged a spark with the power of a lightning bolt. The discharge hardly fazed the man and he immediately counter attacked, lunging at him and swiping his sword down and across, gashing Goust's arm. Goust immediately fell back and shoved the end of the staff into his chest, discharging a large fireball. This sent the man back a few feet knocking the wind out of him, but he was immediately back in Goust's face, swinging his sword and gashing Goust's chest. Goust fell back, quickly tiring from both the powerful magic he is using and the blows he is sustaining. He used the power within himself to lift himself into the sky. From there, he used his last bit of energy to teleport himself back to the ground, the instant that he is gone, completely vanishing and removing the energy of the air around him, greating an energy vacuum sucking the energy from him. As he flew up, however, he saw the man change form, into that of an emmense dragon. At his reappearance after the teleportation he saw the dragon roaring in pain and then cast its eyes down on him. This being Goust's last moment, as the dragon proceeded to lift it foot and crush Goust. The other, immediately after defeating Goust, shifted back into his humanoid form. After doing so, he noticed that staff which Goust weilded against him and he glared at Goust in astonishment. He uses his own power to revive Goust, and watches him stand. Goust look at the man, his vision blurried.
"I am Goust...priest and mage of the Cosmos."
The man simply smiled and returned his introduction.
"I am Raekari the Lord of Dragons."

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