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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Healing and the Other arts *~

Healers, Priests and Priestesses (Clergy)

Finer Arts

Healers, priests and priestesses (clergy) have their own way of earning exp's in CoR. Healers and clergy members may be of any alignment.
Healers use their dice just as a fighter would except that their rolls are used to regain hit points, instead of dealing damage. No one is allowed to heal themselves following an AA, DM, or suicide.
Priest/esses are the people who raise the dead, remove curses, and conduct ceremonies. Priests and priestesses may heal and fight however. If they so choose, the clergy may charge for their services (i.e. payment in gold).

Healer Exp's-

Healers receive exps based upon the number of points that were healed. Healers roll with their guild or personal dice. For each point healed, they receive 5 exps. In order to claim the exps, a log of the healing must be presented to the appropriate party.

Clergy Exps and Success Rate-

All duties, ceremonies and services performed must be logged to count towards exps. What is being done must be stated at the beginning of the log. If the service performed required rolls, then the total number of "hits" per person must be stated at the bottom of the log.

Type Needed Pts Exp's
Baptism n/a 75
Blessing n/a 50
Burial n/a 80
Child Birth n/a 400
Counseling/Confession n/a 70
Divorce n/a 600
Last Rites n/a 100
Marriage n/a 500
Resurrection 40 400
Romoving Curses Maj-25, Min-5 250
Stopping a DM n/a 50

Note: In removing curses, an explanation of the curse to be removed must be included in the log.


Resurrections are only done by the clergy. In performing a resurrection, priests and priestesses may have a healer or another preist/ess present to assist. In order for a resurrection to be successful, the priest/ess and the healer must roll enough to heal 40 for immies , 30 for halfies , and 20 for morties in three attempts.
Eligibility for Resurrection-
All characters are allowed to have resurrections (rezzes) performed, unless they have committed suicide. If a character has committed suicide in a log, with witnesses present (either in the room at the time of the suicide, or those who have received a log of the suicide), has been found guilty of being a war criminal with a sentence of death, or is an assassin who died during their AA, then they are dead, and no rezz attempt will be allowed. Each member of CoR must have the number of times they have been resurrected stated in their profile. Once the maximum number of rezzes has been reached for a particular character, that character is permanently dead, and no other attempts at rezz may be made. Supernaturals and half-breeds receive 1 bonus rezz for every 50 dice sides they gain. The maximum number of times that a person may be rezzed is:
Dice_________________Number of rezzes allowed
Note: The above rezz amounts do not reset with each new rezz gained.
Execution of a Successful Resurrection
To properly execute a resurrection you must have a Priest or Priestess, and a Healer in the room. Meaning only one Priest/ess and one healer may be in the attempt. The priest/ess must do thier magic or means of resurrecting and roll thier dice. After the Priest/ess has attempted to return the soul, the healer must attempt to heal the nearly dead victim to full health. Each may only roll once, and both rolls together must make a minimum grand total of 40 hit points to successfully rezz someone. If one person should roll below 5 points, the rezz is automatically failed. Here is an example Rezz below:
Resurrection Example-
XPriestX: CoR Resurrection on YDeadY Date of Rezz
XPriestX: XvPriestvX 4d56 CoR Priest
VHealerV: XvHealervX 4d72 CoR Healer
XPriestX: ::places his hands onto their chest and looks over their face. while chanting, looks up into the sky, and then calls forth their name, returning their soul::
XPriestX: XvPriest rolled 4d 56: 46 23 35 19
VHealerV: ::touches her hand to his neck, delicately running her hands over it, while closing her eyes and channeling her power::
VHealerV: ##Healing Touch##
VHealerV: XvHealer rolled 4d 72: 69 70 38 42
XPriestX: 15+34=49
PriestX: Rezz Attempt on YDeadY Successful

§Finer Arts§

The finer arts. Fighting is not the only way to earn exps. There are several other ways to earn exps within NCoR.

§Singing and storytelling§

This is usually, but not exclusively, the domain of bards. A bard can also gain exps by playing or singing an original song in any place. The performance must be logged and sent into the appropriate individual. Each log is worth 50 exps.

§Kidnap Attempts§

This is an attempt to abduct another character in hopes of getting a Ransom. Victims kidnapped can be held for a maximun of 4 days. During which time they cannot MS or anything. After 4 days the Victim MUST be set free, unharmed.


The mun of the victim may refuse at anytime to participate in RP of the kidnapping that is sexual or adult in nature.

We all know that kidnapping is a dangerous game to play. Kidnapping of a Elected official is allowed, but is punishable through EXECUTION if it is RPed out who did the kidnapping.

-For anyone to legally attempt a Kidnap attempt, they need:

1) 2 logs of 12 lines each, for every 2 days they wish to hold the victim Captive {this is to show that you watched the movements of the target in general}

2) a Legally approved Contract sent into the AA supervisor. (contract form on last page of web)

§The KA attempt§

-The Kidnapper enters a room where the Victim is and stated OOC:

((CoR KA on XxXX By XxXXXxx. State enhancers and roll perception))

- If any BodyGaurds are present, then they must state they are BG.

- The victim and /or Bodygaurd then states his enhancers does the kidnapper.

*AA enhancers work in KA's*

- Perception roll **2d20, 2 hits are needed to see the KAer**

- Failed Perception .. The Kidnapper is able to sneak up on the target, both then roll 1d of their guild dice..

-If the Kidnapper rolls higher than the Victim, then he succeeds in silently kidnapping his target. -If the Victim roll higher, then they were strong/quick enough to escape the grasp of the assasilant.

-The Victim can then attack the kidnapper back.

- If Perception is passed ..Victim Can Flee or Attack the Kidnapper.

-Victim Attack **if perception is made or the KA Failed**. They attack with their full guild dice (20/30/40 rule for hitpoints).

-The Match is an aggressor DM.

-If the victim kills the Kidnapper on the first attack there is NO Honor shot.

-The dead person is ghost for 3 days.

-If They do not kill on the first shot, then the kidnapper can attack back until one is Ghost.

* the BG may also attack.

- Exp Gained for kidnapper. The dice rolled (1d) of the Kidnapper × 10

Example :

OnlineHost: Kidnapper rolled 1 90-sided die: 47 (47x10 = 470 exp)

OnlineHost: Victim rolled 1 90-sided die: 2 (2 x 10 = 20 exp)

* all KA/TA logs go to The CoR Wardens once its ruled valid, you may send to the necessary people for exps.

- Exp from any Aggressor DM is 50 x the point spread.

-AA's on a Kidnapped person-

- The kidnapper MUST have an approved AA contract on the target to AA the person.

- Usually a Kidnap victim is bound and unable to attack, but a perception roll and full AA must take place. If the Victim spots a Assassin, it will be assumed they have broken their bonds and are able to flee,attack or dodge. You may never force a victim to DM.


- Assassinations, or their attempts (AA's) are allowed at any time. All GC's that have assassins must send a list of their assassins to the Assassin Supervisor, prior to any AA's taking place.

-The Assassin Supervisor will assign registration numbers for the assassins to be kept on file in both his office and the GC's.

-All freelance assassins within CoR must register with the Assassin Supervisor and receive their registration number.

- There is a required class/course for assassins prior to their receiving their registration number. -All assassins are required to take this class.

-Should they fail to pass it, they will not be receive their registration number.

-Current assassins will also be required to take this course.

-Should they fail to pass it, they will relinquish (lose) their registration numbers.

- Any AA's carried out by assassins who do not have a registration number will not be valid. -Assassins must have a valid contract with their registration number on it prior to any AA taking place.

-The contract must be written and submitted to the assassin and the Assassin Supervisor by a GC. -The assassin shall then sign the contract and submit it to their GC who in turn submits to the Assassin Supervisor.

-GC's may only submit 2 contracts per day with the same victim and assassin stated. Assassins are NO longer allowed to send in the contracts themselves. Only FREELANCE assassins have that privilege.

- Contracts must now be accompanied by 20 continuous lines logged on the target. No OOC content may be used for this purpose and must be logged in a room, not from an IM. OOC Content is anything that is stated in munbubbles.

Unacceptable line for logs

Soon2bAAed: ((Hey Pete what's up?))

Acceptable line of text for logs

Soon2bAAed: :: Walks in the room and looks around::

-Logs must be continuous meaning logged at the same time, not C/P's of separate events or confrontations.

- Logs of people not in ArtsEntertainment Member rooms or in PR are not valid.

- The victim of an assassination may contact the Assassin Supervisor by written request to ensure that the contract was valid only after an attempt upon the target's life has been made.

-This attempt must be validated before any request to view the contract will be granted.

-The victim is only allowed knowledge of whether or not the contract was indeed valid and the contract shall not be sent out in full (i.e. the victim will not be supplied with the contract in its entirety).

**Note: The attempt does not have to be successful (i.e., the target does not have to be dead). **

-If an assassin carries out an AA without a valid contract, they will be charged with murder. Their reg #, dice, exps, and gold will be frozen until after their trial. If they are found guilty, the sentence is death.

**Note: AA's are restricted to Arts and Entertainment Member Rooms and private rooms (PR's) only.

-No AA's are allowed in any CoR Havens (either guild or personal). **

-AA's cannot be executed in MSA's,unless a Murphy's Bauble is used by the assassin or by each assassin in an MAA. Murphy's Bauble must take the place of one of your allowed Enhancer slots for being an assassin. Therefore you must sacrifice an enhancer for the Bauble in the AA.

- NO AA's are allowed on someone who is proctoring an MS. Also Proctors are not allowed to AA someone while they are doing their job.

A note on Havens

- Guild havens are havens for those who are actually members of that guild.

- Personal havens (i.e. Pete's Haven) are allowed and are solely havens for their owner, and anyone he/she verbally grants asylum to (must be stated on the log).

- Anyone who is not protected (not in guild/ or granted protection), May be AAed in this room.

- If this room is a PR, the assassins should leave the room, as no AAs may take place there. You may stay/reside in a haven for as long as you wish.

-The CoR MSA and any Havens meant for all (i.e.) CoR Haven for ALL are safe havens from AA's and may not be used for AA's unless the assassin/s are using a "Murphy's Bauble".

-1 Bauble must be used for each assassin in the AA. But Guild havens and Personal Havens are still safe for the intended person/guild's members.

- Assassin exps:

An assassin earns the same number of exps granted a DM, plus 50 for the attempt. Assassins are paid in gold by those who contract them. If an assassin dies during a DM following an AA, then the assassin may not be resurrected.

- Classes of Assassins:

- All classes (mortals, half-breeds, and supernaturals) may be assassins in CoR.

-Supernaturals (4d) Halfies (3d) may only become an assassin after attaining d70 or higher.

-CoR is allowing 50 3d assassins and 51 4d assassins at this time (8-8-98).

- However, supernaturals and half-breeds may be assassins only if they have a mortal (2d) form. They must use 2d in the AA and the ensuing DM. This means they only have 20 hit points...No matter what.

- Assassination Chart:

The more experienced a target (the higher their dice), the more difficult is becomes to kill them. Thus, it takes more points hit to kill a target that has high dice.

Points needed to AA target:

Target's dice


















































Dice # of Rezzes allowed

















Freelancer AA Contracts and Info:

A Freelancer must be bought for his/her services now. That way two people must sign the contract, the freelancing Supervisor and the receiver of the services. The buyer will send the money along with the contract to the AS supervisor. Once the freelancing AS sends the AA log, the AS will send a receipt of the transaction to the Assassin and the buyer that the transaction is complete.

Freelance Gold Earned for AA's

Target Dice





1,000 Gp

1,600 Gp

2,000 Gp


1,200 Gp

1,800 Gp



1,400 Gp

2,000 Gp

2,800 Gp


1,600 Gp

2,400 Gp

3,200 Gp


2,000 Gp

3,000 Gp

4,000 Gp


2,400 Gp

3,600 Gp

4,800 Gp


2,800 Gp

4,200 Gp

5,600 Gp


3,200 Gp

4,800 Gp

6,400 Gp


3,600 Gp

5,400 Gp

7,200 Gp

**Note an Assassin may not attempt another AA on a target using the same contract for one hour with the same contract**

§CoR AA and MAA rules§

1. Warning: All assassins must state their warning as shown :

-((CoR AA on targets SN Assassin : Assassins SN state enhancers and roll 2d20))


-((CoR MAA on targets SN Assassins: all assassins SN's state enhancers Roll 2d20))

-As well as the Contract number either in the opening warning or immediately following as such: -(#T7685) example.

2. 5 minute rule: A 5 minute rule to state enhancers and roll perception is then also stated. -Failure to comply results in autodeath, which is defined in the end of this section.

3. Bodyguards (BG's): A target may have up to two BG's involved in the AA; at which point the BG's state : **BG to SN**

-The target picks which two if more than 2 state. **BG to SN**

-These BG's may then state their Enhancers.

4. Enhancers: All enhancers are stated at this time.

-The Assassin having a limit of 1 offensive 1 defensive and a stealth enhancer.

**Please refer to Havens for the rules regarding Murphy's Bauble**

-The target and BG's are limited to 1 perception enhancer and a maximum of +6 to offensive and defensive.

-The +6 can be varied, either +6 in defense no offense.

-No defense +6 offense or +3 defense and +3 offense.

5. Perception: The BG's roll perception then the target roll perception.

**But if the Target rolls before the BG's, the BG's lose their chance to roll**

-A Base score of 2 needs to be rolled.

**Assassin and target/BG enhancers modify the base score needed.**

Should the either the BG's pass the perception roll they then have three choices:

A. Warn the target.

B. Initiate a grab attempt upon the assassin.

**If the BG should warn the target the BG loses his chance to grab assassin, but the target then could initiate the grab at this point**

C. Flee the room.

Should the Victim make perception they have the following choices:

A. Dodge: The victim states OOC and IC that her action will be to dodge .

-The Assassin states his attack and rolls his damage.

-The Victim then states her IC dodge and rolls her dice.

-If any one of the victim's dice rolled is higher than any of the Assassins rolled dice the Dodge is successful.

**Note: The rolled dice must beat the assassins dice. If it is a tie the dodge is not successful.**

-If the assassins dice is not beat then the victim takes the full damage.

B. Initiate an attack. The Victim states OOC that his/her choice is to fight.

-At this point the Grab Attempt is initiated.**Please refer to Grab attempt for detail**

The assassin then may do one of 2 things....

1. Evade the grab and flee. **please refer to Grab attempt for details.**

2. Stay and fight and take his attack as normal but will be unable to flee if he chooses this.

-The assassin then rolls his attack.

-The victim then would state her attack and roll damage regardless if the Assassin's roll was sufficient to kill victim.

C. Flee: The Victim would state he/she flees and leave the room.

6. The attack of the Assassin/s: The Assassins now attack their target.

-If their attack is enough then the target is dead.

-But after all assassins attack they MUST remain in the room incase target survives for the purpose of a Post Attack Perception.

7. Post Attack Perception: The target has survived.

-Now the target and 1 BG **the BG is chosen by the target.** may roll a Post Attack Perception check to see the assassin/s before they flee.

-All Perception rules apply.

-If target rolls before the BG the BG cannot roll.

-Should either the BG or the Target succeed in the perception roll they may initiate a Grab attempt.

8. Grab Attempt: OK now a BG or the Target has successfully made a perception roll to see the assassin.

-He/she may now attempt to grab the assassin so he/she may attack.

-He/She states their action to grab or RP the situation to win the attack before the assassin can flee.

-Then he or she would roll 1d of his CoR dice.

-The assassin then RP's his action to dodge the move or action and then rolls 1d of his/her CoR dice.

-The winner is the one who rolled higher.

-If the Grab is made the AADM is then initiated.

-If the grab fails the Assassin flees successfully.

**Note only ONE Grab attempt may be attempted on the same assassin per AA/MAA if failed the Assassin's next action must be to flee and then leave the room or the Target and BG's may reinitiate the grab**

9. AADM: The assassin was successfully grabbed.

-The person that grabbed the assassin gets to now attack the assassin.

-He states his attack on the assassin and rolls damage.

-If the Assassin survives that attack he may then flee without further attack but he must RP it and flee.

-No further grab attempt may be made if these guidelines are followed.

-Should the assassin/s stay and attack the next round happens and all assassins BG's and targets may participate in the ensuing combat.

-Following the following given initiative:

-The BG's in order of which rolled perceps first then the target.

-Then the Assassin/s in order as they are stated in the AA/MAA warning Assassins at this juncture may only flee if they have not had their turn.

-Should the Target be killed before the full round the BG's may still have their attack.

10. Autodeath: If the target does not state enhancers and roll his perception within 5 minutes of the OOC warning the target is then dead.

-The assassins then may RP the AA/MAA and roll damage for the XP.

-Regardless of their rolls the target is dead.

§Thieves and exps§

Thieves are allowed in CoR. They may steal gold, weapons, or other items.

-The method of stealing is similar to the procedure for AA's.

-For every 200 gold that he steals, the thief receives 100 exps.

-During any thieving attempt, all TA and anti-TA enhancers are limited to +1 only.

-This is for stealth and perception items only, and does not include weapons and armor.

**Note: No theft attempt may be carried out in CoR Havens. **

- Rolling dice for thieving: Thieves may use their guild or personal dice sides during a theft attempt.

-For every 20 gold that they wish to steal, their dice sides are reduced by 1.

-For example, if you wanted to steal 200 gold, then you would lower your sides by 10 (i.e. in the previous example, if you had 2d40, your dice would go down to 2d30).

-During a theft attempt, everyone rolls 1d of their guild or personal dice.

- Perception check (Defense against thieving): As in an AA, the intended victim of a theft rolls 2d20 in a perception check.

-If they hit 2 points (15+ on both dice, or a 20) then they realize that they are being stolen from.

-If they fail to hit the correct number of points for their perception check, then they are not aware that anything is wrong.

- How a theft attempt is played out: In order for a theft to take place, the thief must be near their intended victim.

-The thief enters the same room as the victim, positions himself near the victim and states in the room (OOC) their intent, and what it is that they wish to steal.

-The victim then makes their perception check.

-If they fail, then the character is unaware that a theft attempt is being made, only his mun knows. -If the perception check is successful, then the intended victim may call out for help in stopping the thief.

-The muns then roll 1d of their character's dice.

-The victim rolls 1d and the thief rolls 1d minus what he is stealing.

-If the victim's roll is higher, then the thief failed.

-If the thief's roll is higher, then he is successful in his theft attempt.

-The victim then rolls another perception check, (2d20, 2 hits required) if they failed the first, to see if they realize that they have been stolen from.

-If the victim makes this perception check, then they now know that they have been stolen from, but not who did the stealing.

An example of a theft attempt:

Theif: :::Reaches into Target's pocket and grabs 100 gold:::

Target: ((Perception check))

OnlineHost: Target rolled 2 20 sided dice 9 5 (he failed his perception check)

OnlineHost: Target rolled 1 65 sided dice 42

OnlineHost: Theif  rolled 1 83 sided dice 67(the attempt was successful)

Targert: ((Perception check))

OnlineHost: Target rolled 2 20 sided dice 19 16 (the perception check was successful)

Target: I've been robbed!! Someone block the doors and search everyone!!

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