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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* War Council Charter *~

The NCoR War Council(NCoRWC) will have a couple of very important jobs within the NCoR forum. The NCoR War Council is composed of various GC within the forum. To be elligible, the guild has to have at least 100 members, and after that...there's only 7 places open for GCs within it.

Guild Wars
-all wars are to be registered through the War Council
-all war battle proctors are selected by the War Council
-all war battle logs are reviewed by the War Council

Forum Wars
If the forum at anytime goes to war with another forum, this council will vote on matters concerning the war in order to help the Triumverant control the forum.

Forum Tournaments
The War Council will be responsible for running a forum tournament in which the guilds take place in, and it will be fought to determine rank in the lands, for honor. Guilds, if they choose, are allowed to not participate in this tournament, but it is advised to compete. At the event of a forum war, a forum tournament will not happen. War between guilds may also not be declared during the tournament.

Parts of the Charter

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