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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Storyline Committee Charter *~

Mission Statement
The Storyline Committee (SLC) was created to take this forum to heights not seen in any other of the d100 forums. They will work on creating and developing the world onto which the guilds of the forum will exist and interact with. This committee will be part of what makes NCoR such a unique forum, standing out from all of it's brother and sister d100 forums.

Membership is limited to 7 members. These seven members will respresent the best writers and most creative people of the forum. Any person may try to get on the committee when there is an opening. The Chairperson will hold and interview with the candidate, and if they can not decide, then the committee will vote on their acceptance.

SLC Chairperson
The SLC Chairperson will be selected by the Triumverant. This person is responsible for making sure the SLs are both created and hollowed through. Duties of the SLC Chairperson include but are not limited to the following:
- Creating Subcommittees based on the need of the SLC
- Appointing Subcommittees Leaders as well as appointing the Subcommittee membership.
- Running the committee meetings.
- Handling or delegating authority to handle all communications with the members of the committe.
- Oversee the process of admission into the SLC.

The SLC is responsible for making NCoR one of the most unique and fully detailed forums out there. They create the world in which the guilds function within. These duties are, but not limited to:
- Create new systems of optional combat and war rules that may be used by prospective combatants
- Create and Maintain a map of all of the lands of the world of the NCoR forum. This map shall contain each guilds' holdings and territories.
- Develop the world based off of the map used by the NCoR forum. This development shall be termed as NCoRWD, and will include the creation of a system of commerce, of trade, of Natural Resources, and of weather. The SLC will not just do those things, but do anything else that can be thought of to make the world more interesting and detailed.
- Create and maintain records of all NCoR Guild occurrences. This shall include Storylines (SLs), resources, income, trade, and history.
- Ensure that a balance is maintained in all NCoR based SLs. This will make sure that any of the guilds will not do SLs that contradict with those of others or those of the forum.
- Vote for the acceptance of new rules before they are sent out to council for voting approval.

Last Note
Not everything created by the SLC will be necessary for all guilds to follow. There will be ones that will shape the world, and so all of the guilds must abide by it, and others will be optional.
Even though not everything will be required by all of the guilds, they should still use them. This committee was created to make the world as unique and interesting as possible, and not listening to the committee, will only deprive yourself.

Parts of the Charter

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