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<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:- New Council of Rhydin -:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
~* Map of Rhydin under NCoR *~


Map coordinates run with 1 being at the top and 13 at the bottom. ie.:A1 is the top left, and Z13 is the bottom right.

Triumverate Territories
Raekari Scott Goust

Guild Territories


Triumverant Territories

Dalagony (Y-8)
This city is the oldest and largest city in the realms, and is the capitol of the Shadow Lands. It has seen much turmoil and war through its millenia, and had for awhile, even fallen. Now, with the help of the War Goddess Myria, it has returned to its former strength. Its architecture is filled with dragons, those of great power, a representation of the strength held by the city. It's emmense size and intricity leads it to have a shrine to every known god. It is a city of surivial of the fittest. Those with strength, will survive, and those who don't, become fertilizer.

The Shadow Lands (U - Z)
The Shadow Lands are the territory of the almighty powerful warlord known as Raekari. The true extent of his power is not known, even by himself, but what is know is that he is a faithful follower of the War Goddess Myria. The lands are fertile in almost a twisted way because of the life that it brings forth. The Shadow Lands houses the clans and guilds of war and chaos. They put themselves into a land of an eternal struggle for survival in order to test their might, and overcome, becoming even more powerful.

Scott's Land (P - T)
As of yet, there is no description of these lands. It is controlled by the Neutral Speaker though, can get what you want out of that.

Chrono'lit Citadel (I-3)
This fortress was originally built by the powerful god/wizard Chronos, self titled because of his fondness with meddling with time. Whatever reason, forgotten through time, it was deserted. It having a good central location in the region controlled by Goust and his Askani, he took the citadel for himself. The citadel is carved from pure mythral, accented with crystalline archways, along with a crystalline extension that stretches high into the sky. This structure is a gate of both time and energy, constantly having the energies of the lands syphoning through it.

The Lands of the Eternal Light (A - 0)
The Chrono'lit Citadel is the home of the ruler of the land known as the lands of the Eternal Light. This is the lands of mysticism, mythos, high sea adventure, and where the main stay of the clans and guilds of the light live. The land is quite correctly named as the lands of the light, because even at night...a soft irrecent blue hue can be seen across the skyline. It is the energy of the multiverse being syphoned by the Chrono'lit Citadel itself. This land is loosely ruled, it stretching over a great distance, and relying more on the guild leaders themselves keeping their people inline. It is not, however a weak nation, Goust being perfectly capable of pulling the guilds together and crushing any opposition.
Parts of the Charter

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