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~* Guild Rules *~
All guilds upon their coming into NCoR will receive an exp allotment from NCoR.
These exps are figured based on the number of members in the guild 100.
It is then up to the GC of that guild to decide how to use and distribute those exps.
Guilds are also awarded an exp allotment on the 1st and 15th of every month.
Again, this number is based on the current number of guild members 100. NCoR pays this exp allotment.

Recruiting for your guild
A member of a guild may recruit new members into their guild.
The person who recruited into their guild receives 5 the allotted points to the new member, in gold (i.e. If a newly recruited member is allotted 100 exps upon entering the guild, the recruiter receives 500 gold).
If no points were allotted to the newly recruited member, then the recruiting member receives 5 gold.
The maximum number of exps that any newly recruited guild member may receive is 100 exps (d26). These points are allocated from the guild's exp pool.
Guild commanders may give exp or gold rewards for recruiting, from the guild's exp or gold pool.

Note: All applications for potential guild members must be sent to the GC for review. Upon acceptance into the guild, the GC may then allocate exps to the new member if they so choose.
10,000exp's is the max aloud to be given to any one member per month

Recruiting guilds into NCoR
When a NCoR member recruits a guild into NCoR, the recruiting member earns exps. The following formula is used to determine the number of exps the recruiting member receives:
# of members in the recruited guild 100 2
The other half of the exps goes to the exp pool of the guild the recruiter belongs to.
If the recruiter is a freelancer, they receive all of the earned exps. The NCoR pays these amounts.

Wars and Mock Wars
Wars between guilds in NCoR are allowed, and in the case of mock wars, encouraged. Mock wars provide members with an opportunity to test and hone their knowledge and skills, should a real situation develop. Any GC who may be interested in setting up either type of war, please contact the War Council.

War Rules and Etiquette
It takes a minimum of two guilds to start a war (freelancers cannot start wars directly). The GC of a guild must formally submit a written Intention/Declaration of War to the War Council. This by no means forces the opposing side into entering the war; they may choose not to go to war. However, even if one side does not agree to go to war, the Minister of War must be informed. The letter from the declaring guild must state:
1) Guild name;
2) Reasons for declaration;
3) Their list of terms;
4) Date to initiate war talks, if terms are deemed unacceptable.

All conflicts may be fought in any public or private room, unless said room has been registered as a safe haven.
All conflicts must be fought with a proctor present and must be logged. Logs of all matches within the war will be sent to whomever was chosen by the GC's to tally scores.

Note: If either of the guilds are in the War Council, for matter of the war, they are not considered in the War Council.

Prisoners of War
A prisoner of war match (POW) is fought in lieu of the standard DM.
The exps gained from a POW match are 10 the victor's point spread.
The loser of this match must place "POW to xxx" in their profile immediately.
POW's may not actively participate in the war; they can however witness, proctor matches, and heal other combatants.
They will remain a POW until an RM is fought or the war is over, whichever comes first.
RM's may be fought after 72 hours (IRL) of confinement.

Note: The outcome of any spar during the war need not be determined until the end of the match. If a POW match was the initial agreement, the winner may decide to kill the loser. If a DM was the initial agreement, the winner may decide to spare the loser's life and make him a POW.

Executing POW's
POW's may be executed by their captors at any time. However, in doing so, the executioner, as well as who gave the order of execution, will be judged a war criminal. War criminal trials will be determined by the War Council. Any penalties assessed are entirely at the discretion of the Council. If the verdict is guilty, and death is the punishment, there is no rezz allowed for war criminals.

A ghost is the result of someone losing a DM in a mock war.
The exps gained from a DM in a mock war are 50 the victor's point spread.
Any combatant who loses a DM in a mock war must place "Ghost to xxx" in their profile. -Ghosts are not allowed to have any contact or participation in the war.
When a solution to the war has been reached (the war is over), all ghosts are granted Auto Rezz.

Note: Auto rezzes as a result of Ghost Statue do not count against your normal, allotted rezz amounts.

Ending the War
A war may be ended at any time, by agreeance of both warring guilds.

Any terms of surrender are left up to the warring parties.
An arbitrator (binding or non-binding) may be called in to diplomatically assist the ending of the war.
Current living GC's then submit their Intent to End War to the War Council.
When the War Council receives both letters, then the war is officially over.

Note: Any battles that take place after both letters of Intent to End War have been sent and received by the War Council, shall be fought under standard NCoR rules.

Victory Assessment
Upon one side of the war losing outright , or conceding defeat, the victorious guild receives exps.
The exps earned are based on the following formula:
# of victories minus # of losses 100 or 1000 (whichever is higher).

The exps gained from each match are still used, in addition to the above.
The exps won may then be distributed amongst the winning guild, at the GC's discretion.

NCoR Guild Roster Requirements (this exact order preferred)
1. guild name
2. guild acronym
3. alignment
4. allies
5. total member count
6. guild experience pool
7. guild gold pool
8. name and sn of GC(s)
9. name and sn's of any lesser leaders, SiC, TiC, etc.
10. division lists, in order of member strength. with the DC's name on top of the list of each division. SN's only
11. along with each name will go their experience, gold, and any reg.#'s they have
12. date this roster was created and known to be totally legit. any errors will be held responsible on the GC's part. if he/she is having someone else do the roster for them, it's still their fault if there is an error.
Parts of the Charter

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