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~* General Rules *~

Forum Restrictions

There are no forum restrictions to being in NCoR. You may be in NCoR and any other forum of your choosing.

Profile requirements

You must have a profile to be in NCoR. Your profile must include:
1) NCoR (showing that you're with us)
2) What guild you are in or if you are a freelancer;
3) Your dice;
4) Your exps;
5) If you are a supernatural;
6) How much gold you own;
7) Any enhancers you own;
8) How many times you have been resurrected;
9) If you are a slave or POW.

Note: It is illegal to deny AA's. You may never, at any time, place "Does not accept AA's" in your profile. You may however place "Accepts NCoR AA's only", as long as any of your other forums does not restrict such.

Member Dice

1 - Mortals:
Mortals are beings such as humans, dwarves, elves, common animals, etc. They do not have an indefinite lifetime and can die by natural causes. They roll with 2 dice (2d) and have 20 hit points. This must be stated in your profile.

2 - Half-breeds:
Half-breed creatures are those who are half mortal/half supernatural. They have supernatural capabilities, but are not immortal. They can die from natural causes. They roll with 3 dice (3d) and have 30 hit points. This must be stated in your profile.

3 - Supernatural creatures:
Creatures considered supernatural are those who are immortal by normal mortal terms; an indefinite lifespan. They can only die by mechanical means, not by natural causes. Some examples of supernatural creatures are vampires, dragons, angels, werewolves, etc, and other recognized supernatural forms. Supernatural creatures roll with 4 dice (4d) and have 40 hit points. This must be stated in your profile.

4 - Familiars:
Familiars are any animal that is tied to a master by means of bewitching. They serve to the advantage of their owner. If either party dies, the other suffers the same fate. These creatures and the dice that they possess must be stated in their owner's profile. Their dice are based on size, and their attack is equal to their owner's attack (they attack instead of their owner). They are capable of performing split attacks. Familiars may not be sent out on assassination attempts or thieving attempts.

Small creatures (weasels, mice, small birds) = º of the owner's CoR dice.
Medium creatures (cats, dogs, wolves, large birds) = 1/3 of the owner's CoR dice.

Large creatures (bears, tigers, horses) = ½ of the owner's CoR dice.

Note: Familiars posses the same number of dice as do their masters. For example, if Slayer has 4d50 and has a tiger serving as his familiar, the tiger would have 4d25.

As stated above, different creatures receive a different number of hit points, based on whether or not they are immortal.

Hit points

1 - Mortals:
Mortals receive 20 hit points. This means that it will take 20 points of damage incurred (done by rolling your dice) to kill them, or knock them out of a spar.

2 - Half-breeds:
Half-breeds receive 30 hit points. It will take 30 points of damage incurred to kill them, or knock them out of a spar.

3 - Supernaturals:
Supernaturals receive 40 hit points. It will take 40 points of damage incurred to kill them, or knock them out of a spar.


The basic organization of CoR is based upon an experience point and dice system. For every dice attained, there is a requisite number of experience points that need to be acquired. You cannot have the dice without first having the experience points (forthwith known as "exps"). Remember, you earn the exps, and then you receive the dice.

d21=010 d22=020 d23=040 d24=060
d25=080 d26=100 d27=125 d28=150
d29=170 d30=200 d31=225 d32=250
d33=275 d34=300 d35=400 d36=450
d37=500 d38=550 d39=600 d40=700
d41=800 d42=900 d43=1000 d44=1500
d45=1550 d46=2000 d47=2500 d48=3000
d49=3500 d50=4000 d51=4500 d52=5000
d53=5500 d54=6000 d55=7500 d56=8000
d57=8500 d58=9000 d59=9500 d60=10000
d61=11000 d62=12000 d63=13000 d64=14000
d65=15000 d66=16000 d67=17000 d68=18000
d69=19000 d70=20000 d71=22500 d72=25000
d73=27500 d74=30000 d75=32500 d76=35000
d77=37500 d78=40000 d79=45000 d80=50000
d81=55000 d82=60000 d83=65000 d84=70000
d85=75000 d86=80000 d87=85000 d88=90000
d89=95000 d90=100000 d91=200000 d92=300000
d93=400000 d94=500000 d95=600000 d96=700000
d97=800000 d98=900000 d99=1000000 d100=1500000

A new dice side is gained for every 500,000 exps above the minimum number required for d100 (i.e. 2,000,000 exps = d101, 2,500,000 exps = d102, etc.).

Dice Scoring System

A system of dice scoring is based upon what number is rolled for your dice.

 1-14=0  45-49=7  80-84=14 95 = 21
 15-19=1  50-54=8  85-89=15  96 = 22
 20-24=2  55-59=9 90= 16  97 = 23
 25-29=3 60-64=10  91 = 17  98 = 24
 30-34=4  65-69=11  92 = 18  99 = 25
 35-39=5 70-74=12 93 = 19  100 = 26
 40-44=6 75-79=13  94 = 20  101 = 27

Earning Exps

There are several ways to earn exps, all of which shall be discussed below. Any dice listings other than earned dice, such as specific, fixed guild dice, should not have exps listed behind them. It is the job of the character to send in any exps they earn to all of their Grand/Guild Commanders (GC's) of all the guilds they are in. It is the character's job to send out logs of all spars to each of their GC's (or other appropriate party). Exps are granted to individuals in guilds by their GC, not by CoR. CoR only awards exps to individuals if they are freelancers, through the Freelance Supervisor. Individuals in guilds will have the highest earned exps of all the guilds they are in.

-Note: These changes apply only to guilds registered within CoR. This does not include those guilds registered within other forums. If you have a question regarding the forum status of your guild, ask your GC. This does not apply to freelancers. They send their logs only to the Freelance Supervisor.

-There is no loaning, gifting, or trading of exps in CoR. Doing so is illegal and shall be dealt with accordingly.

-Exps may be transferred only for screen name changes or personal reasons. Regardless, the old SN must be deleted and you give up all rights to recreate it (Please refer to Section 5 "Applications and Forms" for this form).

-If an indiviidual wishes to resign from another forum entirely, (i.e. having nothing further to do with them) they may do a full exp transfer of points, up to 60,000 exps. The forums we currently accept transfers from are: TGC, RDC, FoH, and UGC. This is with the full understanding that the transferred points may not be dual-forumed, and that should the individual choose to go back to the other forum, they may be required to begin at that forum's lowest exp setting.

-Exps may be willed to an individual. The maximum amount of exps allowed to be willed to any one person is 20,000 exps. For the willed exps to be legal, a will must be written and turned into the Coroner prior to the death of the writer.

Fighting to earn exps

Spars, Mass Spars (MS), Slave Matches (SM's), Honor Matches (HM's), Release Matches (RM's), Death Matches (DM's), Mass Death Matches (MDM's)
-All of the above matches must be logged to count for exps. Proctors (those outside of the actual combat who oversee and score the match) are not required, except in Death Matches. However, all logs must be turned into your GC, Division/Legion Commander (DC/LC) or Freelance Supervisor to validate the exps received. Aggressor death matches must be sent to the Head Warden for validation.

§A note on Logging§
There is now a fine to be imposed upon a logger who walks out of a spar, without notice, and without making arrangements for another to take over the log, and who refuses to turn over the log to the winner. This does not include those who were punted. Fine to be determined by occurrance.

§A note on Wardens§
If a match comes into dispute between two CoR members, the members may send said match to the CoR Wardens for a ruling. It is the Wardens job to review the match and render it valid or invalid. Any ruling by the Head Warden is final. Disputed logs are not to be sent to the Wardens of Loreil, as they do not render rulings nor validations, but only offer opinions.


A spar is a non-lethal match between friendly opponents, where nothing is at stake. When you fight a spar, and win, you will receive 5x the final point spread.
For example, if the final score is 20-15, you won by a difference of 5. 5x5 = 25.
Thus, you received 25 exps for winning that match. If you lose a spar, or any match, you will still earn 5 exps. Even though you lost, you still learned from the experience.
A spar may be fought between opponents of any dice. However, it is not recommended that spars be fought between opponents whose dice are grossly unmatched, as the outcome is almost assured. The maximum allowable final goal in a spar is 100 points (See note). This does not mean that 100 exps is the maximum allowable points to be earned, but to what the match may continue until (i.e. final score = 100 You - 50 Them. [If the final score, due to the rolling of the dice, not an amount previously agreed upon, is 115-101, the match was won by a margin of 14])

-Note: If you are in possession of d80s or higher, the maximum allowable goal in a spar is 200. Exps are still figured in the same manner (5x the victor's point spread).

Mass Spars and Free-for-alls:
A mass spar is the same as a normal spar but there are teams rather than individuals fighting. A free-for-all (FFA) is another form of mass spar. More than two people fight in an FFA, but it is everyone for themselves, with no team cooperation. Mass spars are scored somewhat differently than spars.
-An easy formula to follow: # of opponents beaten x highest dice of all the opponents x 5.
In the event that all combatants were "killed" (knocked out of the spar), the person with the lowest point difference to go out wins the spar (For example, a person that was "killed" with 41 points would win against someone that was "killed" with 45 points).
-Losers of MS's get 5 X the number of opponents in MS for earning experience.

Team Spars:
Team Spars are scored somewhat differently than Mass spars.
-An easy formula to follow: # of opponents beaten x highest dice of the opposing team x 5 (for the spar) divided by the number of survivors on the winning team (# x dice x 5 /survivors).
For example:
Slayer (2d20), Killer (4d40), and Mangler (4d60) are on Team 1.
Flyer (4d50), Walker (2d70), and Digger (4d30) are on Team 2.
Team 1 is the winner of the match, but only Slayer and Killer survived. Therefore, Slayer and Killer received 525 exps each (3 x 70 x 5 / 2).
Mangler, Flyer, Walker, and Digger all received 5 exps each. Those on the beaten team receive 5 exps x the amount of members on opposing team for the learning experience.
-Note: Honor Strikes are to be taken only if someone is hit out of a round PRIOR to their turn. If they have already rolled for that round, no Honor Strike may be taken. This applies to both mortals, Halfies and immortals.

-Note: A special allotment of 50 exps per person participating in the mass spar is allowed for those who proctor mass spars. This applies to proctors only.

Slave Matches:
A slave match is a spar where the losing opponent becomes the slave of the winner for a pre-determined period of time. The term to be served must be stated in the log, prior to the match beginning. The loser must state his new slave status, to whom he is a slave to and for how long, in their profile.
-The exps earned from an SM are 10x the victor's point spread (i.e. if you win by 4 points, you earn 40 points).
-The loser still receives 5 exps.
Slave matches may be fought between opponents of any dice, however, it is not recommended to fight grossly mismatched fights. The maximum allowable final goal in an SM is 100 points. If you are in possession of d80s or higher, the maximum allowable final goal in an SM is 200.

-Note: If the loser remains as a slave for more than 72 hours, an RM may be fought to gain their release.

Release Matches:
A release match is fought only to gain the release of a slave or a prisoner of war (POW). If the RM is successful (the person fighting FOR the release wins), then the captured person is freed. If the RM is not successful (the person fighting for the release loses), then the person for whom the match was fought remains a slave or a POW until a successful release match is fought, or their period of capture ends, whichever comes first.
-The exps gained from a successful RM are 10x the victor's point spread.
-The loser still receives 5 exps.
Release matches may be fought between opponents of any dice, however, it is not recommended to fight grossly mismatched fights. The maximum allowable final goal in an RM is 100 points. If you are in possession of d80s or higher, the maximum allowable final goal of an SM is 200.

Honor Matches:
An honor match is a match fought to restore your own honor, or that of someone who has been slandered. This other person need not be related to you, but may be someone of any acquaintance.
-The exps earned for an HM are 10x the victor's point spread.
-The loser still receives 5 exps.
Honor matches may be fought between opponents of any dice, however, it is not recommended to fight grossly mismatched fights. The maximum allowable final goal in an HM is 100 points. If you are in possession of d80s, the maximum allowable final goal of an HM is 200.

Death Matches:
A death match is fought to the ultimate conclusion. One combatant survives, the other does not. -The exps earned for a DM are 50x the victor's point spread.
-If no rezz is granted or the terms state no rezz, The loser deletes his character. It may be decided that the loser will "swipe" their profile. Swiping one's profile means that they retain the NAME of the character, but delete all that character's current information and creates a COMPLETELY NEW character. DM's may be fought between opponents of any dice. The loser of this match may be resurrected ("rezzed") by a priest. Resurrections and their restrictions are detailed under the Healers Section of the charter.
The maximum allowable final goal of a DM is 100.

If you are in possession of d80s or higher, the maximum allowable final goal in a DM is 200.

-Note: Death Matches must have a proctor and a minimum of two witnesses (at least one per combatant). Those present as witnesses must state, in the log, for whom there are witnessing.

Mass Death Matches:
A mass death match retains the same rules as the standard DM; however, it is fought with more than 2 opponents. A maximum of 3 people per side is allowed in an MDM.
The exps earned for an MDM are 50x the victor's point spread, divided amongst the survivors.
Aggressor Matches:
An aggressor match is defined as an impromptu DM. If a fight starts between two individuals, and no rules are stated, the 20/30/40 rule (20 hit points for a mortal, 30 hit points for a half-breed, and 40 hit points for a supernatural) takes immediate effect, and the fight becomes a DM.
-There cannot be more than a 5-side difference between the opponents.
-There are no aggressor matches allowed between the classes (i.e. supernaturals cannot aggressor a mortal or a half-breed). Anyone found to be in violation of this rule shall be reduced by 20 to 30 sides in their dice. This decision is final.
-If someone is aggressored, they may leave instantly. They may not return to the same place if the aggressor is there, within 24 hours. If they do return, this is considered the same as accepting the DM. Anyone who is the victim of an aggressor match, and chooses to remain in the room, but refuses the DM shall be dealt with accordingly.
-The loser of an aggressor death match becomes a "ghost" for 72 hours, IRL, to think upon the situation. No resurrection is needed in an aggressor match, as the loser is merely a ghost.
-The exps gained are 50x the victor's point spread.
-The loser still receives 5 exps.

-Note: Aggressor matches may not take place in havens. A haven is a room that is guild owned. It must state the name of a guild and haven within its title (i.e. TRGoR Haven) and is used as a safe place by all individuals. Aggressor DM's are allowed in a Mass Spar Arena, only if a mass spar is not currently underway.

§Addition to the match rules§

Mortals are allowed one special additions to the above stated spar rules.
Specialty Move:
Mortals receive a specialty move that must be listed in their profile. This move allows the mortal to have one strike at 4d and may be used as a split attack. This specialty move may only be used once per spar. This move may under no circumstances be used as a first strike.

-Note: Specialty moves may be used by the victim of an AA. They still may not be used as a first strike.

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